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I completely agree! I just posted my own reminder, focusing more on efforts to get us out of Beta. I'm sorry you can feel discouraged sometimes, I think a lot of users around the Stack Exchange network can feel that way at times. I think people sometimes forget that an up-vote to an answer isn't necessarily that it was helpful to you, specifically. But, ...


Strangely enough, I was thinking (prior to reading this post) that this particular SE site was quite good w.r.t. the voting, when compared to some other sites. Most of my questions/answers have received votes, whereas on other (nameless) sites, I have posted a number of questions/answers and not received [m]any votes at all. However, this must be my (...


So, I'm the first who got Electorate badge. Go guys and fetch that badge. You can only get that badge by voting. This is a very young SE site, and there's need for users that vote, because voting is encouraging others to post and to discuss. Cheers once again and remember to vote up!


Hmm yeah we might have a minor problem. I know most of my rep is disportionately from question acceptance and unusually low for +1s. I wonder if it has to do with any active member being able to be on the top 50 list their first month, thus people maybe hoarding their upvotes trying to be number one?


I think one way to encourage a little more up-voting would be to comment on some of the questions that are 'interesting subject, but not well written', pointing out that a better question will often get better answers, partly through receiving up-votes from other users, and more visibility.


Rationale: why do we close questions? There are really two ways to do moderation. If you've been on any of the .moderated newsgroups you'll be well aware that to get a post on there, it needs to undergo a review process first and be accepted. The aim is to keep problem discussions from arising. SE is slightly different - it works the other way. Anyone can ...

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