I agree with Jeff's blog post: https://blog.stackoverflow.com/2010/11/qa-is-hard-lets-go-shopping/ don't ask us what you should buy -- ask us what you need to learn to tell what you should buy.


3D printers are, I do believe, on-topic for Hardware Recommendations (I moderate that site, so one might hope I'd know that). In terms of recommendations in general, I recommend not even trying to get them into your scope yet. As a site that's just been set up, and was not set up specifically for recommendation questions, getting the balance of them right ...


Well posted. I agree. Whilst I know that other people's opinions do and will differ, myself, I feel that this is on-topic. After all it is not an open-ended recommendation, but rather "is this suitable?" Personally, I can't see what is wrong with it and we have quite a few of questions like it, that haven't been closed. TBH, this particular question has ...


I like the idea of incorporating product reviews into the 3dprinting StackExchange Why? It fits the Q&A model of Stack Exchange Product pre-purchase questions are probably the number 1 question every new user wants to ask and needs to know (as Ryan noted). We should attempt to find a way to help provide that answer. It provides a bridge to further ...


I think that hardware recommendations are ok, but in a limited and specific scope: Bad: Can you recommend a cheap printer with a heated bed that's at least 8"*8"*8". Which is better? Printer X or printer Y? Good: What hotend can I use to print at 300+C? What are the advantages of borosilicate glass over picture frame glass?

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