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The Hotbed. Colloquially, "hotbed" generally refers to a center of activity. Here, it will have a double meaning (referencing the hot bed of a 3D printer.


Moving discussions to chat is automatically suggested when the amount of comments is becoming too high. This is a separate chat between the discussing users, but not limited, I've entered many of those rooms later to pitch in. The generic Public 3D Printing Room can be used for any 3D related problem, discussion or a friendly hang-out chat. Chat requires a ...


Yes, in fact there are two public chatrooms: One, The Hotbed - 3D Printing chatroom, which was created here: What should be the name of our chatroom?. This has a number of achieved chats, and was active up until the start of 2018 Two, Public 3D printing room, which was created in June and which is currently our most active.


sliced text Slicing a 3d model is a necessary step for almost all 3D printing techniques, so that it can be printed layer by layer that eventually make up the 3D object. In chat, people write text line by line which will eventually make up an entire conversation.


The Box Since everything happens in the box.

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