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A guide to moderating 3dprinting.SE yourself - close voting

We have an awesome guide on close voting posted by Ninefingers for crypto.SE. I'll just copy it to our meta-faq, with a few tweaks.
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Why don't members like our questions and answers?

I have noticed very few people up-vote questions or answers in our community. Why? There are lots of metrics on how well a group is doing Visits per day Questions per day Answers per question ...
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Remember to vote!

In past few months, there are a devastatingly few number of users that cast up votes, and many of users aren't coming back to site, and existing users don't have so much reputation, because no one is ...
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How do we motivate users to vote and advertise the voting policy?

Sparked by another question on meta, I again wanted to reflect on my voting behaviour and the generally accepted practice on 3D Printing SE (3DP:SE) in the current beta stage. I know this post Vote ...
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