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Troubleshooting questions - suggesting redirection to the chat?

Yeah, it's a bit long, apologies. But I feel it is worth bringing up. Many questions are actually troubleshooting questions. You may try to answer them to unblock the concerned who stuck, but number ...
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3D Printing SE Beta Status

I'd like to talk about site building a little bit. We have now been in public Beta for almost a year now and I feel that we've learned a lot about what audience we have here on Stack Exchange. However,...
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Questions from older beta sites

As you may or may not know, this is the third iteration of a proposal site that covers 3D Printing. The first 2 made it to the beta phase, but did not graduate from the beta successfully: Digital ...
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Community Ads! Let's make 2d ads for ourselves!

When 3D Printing moves into public beta, you're going to want to get the word out. And fast! One of the best ways to advertise ourselves across the entire Stack Exchange network is through community ...
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