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3 votes
3 answers

"slicer" tag: unneeded duplicate or unclear meaning?

I was checking tags and I saw that "slicer" has only 6 questions, and no clear use case since there is already "slicing". There are some options now: reclassify those 6 questions ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Should we add a [homing] tag?

There are quite a few questions that are centered around homing or problems with homing. Currently we have no tag in place to identify such questions. You see that people choose the y-axis or axis ...
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1 answer

Wouldn't the filament tag alone suffice for this question?

This question, Hold torque during pause to change filament, has two unique tags: change-colour change-filament No other questions are tagged this way, so the tags won't really help it in a search. ...
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