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Does this 3D Printing site want only three votes to close (or should we stick with five)?

I've just noticed this Meta post, Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites and I wondered whether we should employ it here, and what do other people think? We are a smallish site, with ...
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Editing of recently closed questions

We don't have many problems with that here admittedly, but I thought that I would share this with you all. From SuperUser - Editing of recently closed questions: This post is basically to share ...
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A guide to moderating 3dprinting.SE yourself - close voting

We have an awesome guide on close voting posted by Ninefingers for crypto.SE. I'll just copy it to our meta-faq, with a few tweaks.
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"Best first printer" wiki/blog/closed-question

TL;DR One thing that I did see was that the closed questions, also seem to get automatically deleted. This is a shame because some of them have interesting/informative answers. So this raises the ...
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Bio-Printing Questions Okay?

A recent question regarding bio-printing has been put on hold and I'd like to discuss the validity of the question here in the 3D Printing community. I personally feel that the question fits within ...
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