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What do we consider Simple/Advanced/Complicated things to fix on a machine and how to tell the asker?

I think we all had this issue in the last years: As we learn and grow our own knowledge, things we once considered hard become easy. Now, our answers often address issues that are pretty easy to fix ...
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Why don't people Accept Answers?

I'll start off on a good note and congratulate everyone in the community for continually supporting each other. We have maintained a great answer rate here on 3D Printing SE with a answer rate of 96%. ...
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answer based on links (case: How to enlarge a Sketchup Model)

I'd like to discuss the case 'How to enlarge a Sketchup Model' question and my answer of course. I do agree with Robert Cartaino when he said: 'The folks here will work hard to curate this collection ...
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Answers that don't answer the question

This has inspired some discussion and I may be just splitting hairs, but I've always been confused by this strategy. The specific example I'm referring to is here: https://3dprinting.stackexchange....
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