I see a number of people writing "CURA", when I have always called it "Cura". So I started to wonder if CURA was a capitalised acronym, like LiDAR or NATO (but not like radar or laser).

I had a look and the Wikipedia entry, Cura (software) doesn't appear to suggest that.

So I wondered if it was a marketing thing.

After all, over on SE.Arduino, lots of people write "Arduino UNO" - I myself did so to, for a long time, until Nick Gammon picked me up on it:

Uno not UNO

I think that the reason that I did was that the Arduino pages write it in that way (arguably incorrectly) and it just seems to be a branding/marketing ploy.

So, is this the same sort of thing with CURA? I am just wondering where it started and came from?1

1 As one does on a boring rainy Sunday morning :-)


Actually, it's neither:

enter image description here

If you wanna believe this image, it's: Ultimaker cura ... all lower case.


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