There must be a subtle difference, that I can't quite see, between and .

The print-material tag clearly states that it is different from material:

Print-material, in comparison to the tag 'material', helps to specify that the question is concerned with the material the print itself is made from. This includes 'filament' as a subgroup but also SLS polymers for example.

Where as states, more or less, the same thing:

For questions about compatible 3D printing materials.

For questions regarding 3D printable materials such as whether a material is capable of being 3D printed, optimal 3D printing parameters (ie. extrusion temp), mechanical properties of materials, etc.

To me, even though states that it differs from , I can't really see the difference, unless material is a superset of print-material, and not only confined to being printed, but also construction of a printer (i.e. acrylic, wood, steel, aluminium, etc.). If the latter, then the description of is a bit misleading and may require expansion.

Can someone explain?


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I agree, there's not much difference inherently between these two tags. However, we could try to direct the use of to more general (not necessarily 3D printed material) vs the obviously focused .

Or we could just merge them into the tag (my vote).


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