I raised a question about heatbed/heated-bed support, Steel versus MDF/Aluminium Y axis plate?, and I noticed that there is not yet a heatbed-support tag, so I used , and also added , just in case.

However, this raises the question why are there both? heated-bed has a short but sensible definition, whereas heatbed has no tag definition, so it is unclear the intended difference, if any, in their use.

After a quick search of Meta to see if this issue has already been raised, I, now, see that there is also the tag hbp, see merge [hbp] and [heated-bed] tags.

For completeness, the respective use of each tag, to date, is as follows:

So these are my questions:

  • Should these tags be merged/deleted or left as is? It seems a little confusing, as it stands currently.
  • Which is the preferred term, heatbed, or heated bed?
  • Should I add the to my question?
  • Should I remove the tag from my question?
  • With respect to my particular question, should I, also, have created a , or a tag, or even a tag, so that it is more appropriately tagged?

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I'm not sure, but I think they came about before anyone had the authority to suggest synonyms.

I went ahead and created a synonym for heatbed and heated-bed and merged the questions. I'll do the same for HBP. Thank you for bringing this up.


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